Conveyor Dewatering Systems


Continuous Miners, Longwalls and transfer points are major sources of water on your conveyor belt. This excess water causes slough back on incline belts and issues in the storage facility. Available from Schauenburg is a unique and proven technology to remove the free-water from the ROM material on your conveyor belt.

When the material leaves the head pulley of the tripper, the larger sized content, being on top and having more mass, follows a larger trajectory while the slimes and water fall short. The in-line dewatering systems use an adjustable cutter blade to cut the wet and sloppy material from the lower portion of the material bed trajectory and divert it over a fixed curved sieve. As the material passes over the sieve the free moisture is removed. The bulk of the material continues down the conveyor via an armoured chute while the oversize particles passing over the sieve also return to the belt. The slurry passing the sieve is sent directly to a mine sump for disposal. 

This in-line dewatering principle may be customized to all types of conveyed material with excessive free water in the material bed. These include phosphate, metal, and sand and gravel mine applications.









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