Observor Gas Detector

Ovserver-sett2GDI Observer Instrument

The next generation in compact
hand-held gas monitors…

Features Include:

    • Monitoring of up to 5 gases with alarms
    • RF data transmission enables remote gas monitoring
    • Weighs only 21oz / 580g!
    • Over 12 hrs of battery life
    • Audio alarm with flashing LEDs


Technical Characteristics of the Observer

  • The design enables spatial separation of the instrument into two parts:  A Sensing Unit and a Display Unit
  • No electrical connection between the two units, both halves are held together by two pair of strong magnets.
  • Data is transmitted between the two units via a radio frequency communications link.
  • Communication between the two units is up to 50ft / 15m, but may vary due to underground conditions.
  • Fully operational without being separated
  • Automatic self-diagnosis of battery, sensors and electronics
  • All data is stored on board and can be downloaded via an IR channel housed in the Charger
  • User defined preset alarm levels for audio alarm on display unit and flashing LEDs on both units.
  • 12 hours of continuous and simultaneous measuring
  • Rugged polycarbonate housing.
  • Well protected against dust, moisture and shock.
General Specifications
  • Dimensions:    5-3/4″ X 3-1/4″ X 1-3/4″ / 147mm X 83mm X 45mm
  • Weight:         21oz / 580g
  • Display:         LCD
  • Warranty:      1(one) year on all electronic parts and workmanship  
  • Warranty:      *6(six) months on sensors fitted by OEM
  • Warranty:      6(six) months on battery packs charged in                                      accordance with OEM instructions                      


Miner/Bolter Mount

For the 20 minute gas check!!!

Sensor goes in mount on miner/bolter while the diplay is readily accessible in the bib pocket of operator.

Discover improved safety and compliance!!!




MSHA Approval Number 22-A060001-0



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